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Available Now: The Nodder Blanket by Darzzi

We are sure you will love this napping book so much that you won't want your money back! Instead you will be purchasing it for baby gifts!



A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour
A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour!

Darzzi is the company I selected to create our Nodder Blanket. When my first grandchild was born my daughter and I purchased Darzzi baby blankets because the reviews talked about how soft these blankets were for babies.

My grandson loved the blankets because of their softness. 

This blanket is reversible with grey on one side and white on the other. We have a limited quantity so purchase your blanket soon!

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A sleeping toddler is your new happy hour!Every child needs to rest, which helps the grown-ups be their best!

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