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We are excited to introduce The Nodder Early Learning Cookie Collection

This collection is a subscription purchase. You will receive a yummy box of 16cookies that provide one cookie for each week of the month. Pre-orders begin today with the arrival of your first 2 months of early learning cookies to be placed in the NapPouch for a delicious small treat!

Pre-orders will ship the end of December. A perfect holiday gift for a family with young children as a reward for taking a nap! Cookies can be frozen for up to three months.

You may be thinking, "I have two or three toddlers". We have a discounted price for extra cookies to be added to your order.

Place an order for The 3 Year Old Early Learning Cookies or The 4-5 Year Old Cookie Collection

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June 23rd we will have our first give back to the community program. I will be reading the book to children and parents, and sharing how to use the book to get their little ones ready for preschool.

The Nodder Book has received 8 National Children's Book Awards since the book's release in 2021!

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