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The Parent Nap Time Pouch

We are sure you will love this napping book so much that you won't want your money back! Instead you will be purchasing it for baby gifts!

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A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour
A sleeping toddlers is the new happy hour!

NapPouch Options (to save you time and money) Discounted for December!

Choose a Pouch:

  • 3 yr. old Pouch - Larger items are in this Pouch, to insure your child can't swallow something small!   If you feel like your child isn't ready for these trinkets tuck them away until your little one is ready!

  • 4-5 yr. old Pouch - you will find balls, stamps, gliders, sometimes a race just never know what will be in a bag! 4 Activity Cards in a bag give you an opportunity to do something special with you child. Kids love to be surprised with an adventure or activity after their nap.
  • 4 Delicious Signature Nodder Cookies - just a little but of sweetness to celebrate taking a nap.(these can be stored in the freezer for 3 months)

  • 4 Fun Trinkets - just one a day for a small surprise

  • Too many Trinkets - Choose The Parent Pouch with 4 Affirmation Cards

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A sleeping toddler is your new happy hour!Every child needs to rest, which helps the grown-ups be their best!

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