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Available Now: The Nodder Blanket by Darzzi

Darzzi is the company I selected to create our Nodder Blanket....

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Summer Book and Plush Bundle!

A toddler never has enough plushies!  Nodders make a wonderful snuggle buddy...

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The Nodder Napper Starter Set

Summer Discount! Napping is often a struggle for parents. The Nodder...

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The Nodder Napper T-Shirt

Your child will benefit from getting quality rest, resulting in an energized,...

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The Nodders Book and FREE Plush Bundle - Summer Fun Bundle!

The Nodders Summer Discount Event! The  Nodders What You Don't Want...

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The Nodders Book and Sticker Chart Bundle

Who doesn't love taking a unique gift to a baby shower and everyone wishes they...


June 23rd we will have our first give back to the community program. I will be reading the book to children and parents, and sharing how to use the book to get their little ones ready for preschool.

The Nodder Book has received 8 National Children's Book Awards since the book's release in 2021!

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