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Getting a toddler to nap can often be a challenge. This award winning children's book with wonderful additional product that will make nap time fun for any toddler. It will also give adults the much needed time to get things done on their action or to do list!

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Available Now: The Nodder Blanket by Darzzi

Darzzi is the company I selected to create our Nodder Blanket....

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Summer Book and Plush Bundle!

A toddler never has enough plushies!  Nodders make a wonderful snuggle buddy...

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The Nodder Napper Starter Set

Summer Discount! Napping is often a struggle for parents. The Nodder...

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The Nodder Napper T-Shirt

Your child will benefit from getting quality rest, resulting in an energized,...

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The Nodders Book and FREE Plush Bundle - Summer Fun Bundle!

The Nodders Summer Discount Event! The  Nodders What You Don't Want...

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The Nodders Book and Sticker Chart Bundle

Who doesn't love taking a unique gift to a baby shower and everyone wishes they...


June 23rd we will have our first give back to the community program. I will be reading the book to children and parents, and sharing how to use the book to get their little ones ready for preschool.

The Nodder Book has received 8 National Children's Book Awards since the book's release in 2021!

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